I am impressed by excellent coaches. They make a huge difference in the performance of teams and individuals. I look at Coach Roy Williams, men's basketball coach at UNC, and marvel at the transformation he wrought for that program. He transformed the program from losing to winning consistently in a short period of time.

Another example from UNC is men's football coach Mac Brown. Brown built the program into a championship caliber contender. After he left UNC for Texas (which he subsequently built into a national champion), the UNC program suffered. I see that Brown is returning to UNC. Will he repeat his success? My money says YES!

This ability to positively influence a team also applies to other areas of life. Families. Businesses. Charitable organizations. An effective coach can make all the difference. A *terrible* coach can cause all kinds of problems.

According to leadership guru, John Maxwell, the characteristics of a good coach include:
  • They establish trust
  • They lend perspective
  • They orchestrate people
  • They ensure preparation
  • They provide discipline and accountability
What are you doing to be a better coach?