I have been working for the same company for almost 3 years. A few months ago, the facilities folks told us that they had clearer enough space for a foosball table--if one of the managers was willing to pay for it. It took my boss less than a second to say, "Yes."

The table arrived within a week. There was an initial spike of interest. Then the table was mostly unused for more than a month. Today, however, there are sometimes 6-8 people crowded around the table. 4 of them playing. The rest cheering or poking fun. "Own goal!" The amount and volume of laughter is growing.

The most unexpected thing about the foosball table is the diversity of folks it brings together. There are old guys near retirement. There are young Indian ladies. And everything in between.

I think one reason the foosball table has united us and brought a new energy to the workplace is that it's a kind of level playing field (pardon the pun). None of us are really good. Even a novice can spin the rods and score a goal.

This is just one example of how games can bring us closer. Let's play!